Being Brave, Living Free

Praying For Our Kids

Remembering that Heaven is my home. And when I’m praying over my kids I’m going to speak the language of Heaven. I’m not going to ‘worry’ my prayers, I’m going to speak the reality of God’s perspective. I’m going to speak blessings over them. I’m going to feed their spirits with fuel that they’ll need to cash in on when they’re older. I’m going to speak life.


I want to equip my kids with a mind that looks more intently on what God is saying and doing, then what is happening around them in the moment. I don’t want my kids to inherit my fears; I want my kids to inherit the faith that sees everything through the lens of Heaven. My kids were created for a purpose and are unique (there is not a single other person who can take their place) in this earth – and I don’t want them to miss that while they’re busy being afraid and avoiding everything that could hold them back. I want their eyes to be on the Prize, and them to know In Christ, you are powerful and free to stand and fulfill your destiny in the face of even the most intense pressure and trials. 

Calling all experienced parents…What prayers did you pray over your kids in faith? I would love to hear your advice!

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