It’s amazing that you’re here! I’m so grateful our paths are crossing!

As I sit here thinking about what makes me, me…I’m rotating holding my one year old, rescuing my three year old from recurring near disaster, and watching my five and seven year olds wrestle. I wear the ‘mom hat’ for all these little people all day, every day! And of course that is part of what makes me, me.

I do life with a hysterical, sarcastic, witty, stud of a man. David Schmitz came blazing into my world fourteen years ago on a trip to Europe, and can I just say, that he gives me a whole new way of looking at life. I love him for a whole bunch of reasons. One of them being that he married me and created four beautiful little people with me!

I spend my time loving people. Hopefully well. People give me small glimpses of who God is. And that’s a beautiful thing! Pretty much everything I do somehow hovers around loving and enjoying people. From my commitment to and passion for the Church, to homeschooling my kids, to the home I create, to the things I write, to the smoothies I make…doing what I love for the people I love. And let’s be honest, sometimes doing stuff I don’t love, for the people I love. (Can we all say changing diapers?)

The best part of my story, begins and ends with Jesus. He met me where no one else could go. He’s histories greatest Treasure and still relevant thousands of years after He walked on earth. He’s the standard I measure all things by: culture, family, relationships, church, lifestyle, love. Living life with Him is my greatest adventure!

I always hope to be brave and free. Brave enough to pursue the dreams in my heart. Free from fear. Brave enough to do the right thing. Free from worry. Brave enough to ask the hard questions. Free to change. I hope that you find here the nudge you need to do the same. Together let’s try new things. Let’s explore who God made us to be. Let’s find the courage to live outside ourselves. I promise to be real and honest. And please, be free and bold to do the same!