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Mother’s Day Resolution

I know mother’s day resolutions aren’t a ‘thing’. But I have one.

I can boil it down to one word.

Here it is…drum roll please…


My one mothers day resolution is to focus.

It was a few days ago, that I finally realized, focus was going to be the ‘magic ingredient’ to this season of my life. I’ve been ‘decision fatigued’ (it exists, seriously). And in a lot of ways I’ve thrown my mind into a tizzy, trying to figure the solutions to all these little mountains and situations in my home and heart and life.  But that day I was mentally wiped, and grabbed my phone, put on some worship, and laid face down on the floor. (My kids were all in safe places. If you consider three of them in bathing suits in a full tub with the shower running, safe. I may have had a small flood to deal with, post ‘revelation moment’ 😃)

There’s always been something special for me about getting physically down on my face before God. It’s my very best ‘focus posture’. And I’m craving to do it more often. Laying down there,  singing some simple words about how great, how merciful, how sovereign my God is, the whole ‘decision fatigue’ thing really took a back seat. To stop, and get the attention off of myself, and onto the God who creates my seasons, and knows my days, and holds me and my family in His hand…it changed my mind. I realized what a small portion of my energy, my focus, was going into focusing on growing with, and hearing from, God.

I’m convicted about the amount of time – the sheer quantity of time – that I spend on the internet. In some ways I’ve replaced Google for hearing God’s voice. I’m so knowledge hungry for answers to my every decision, that I am realizing I haven’t been fully walking in trust that God will guide and direct me, and that He promises to fill me with all wisdom in decision making. And that’s the only guarantee I have.

I’m convicted about the way I compare my life decisions to all the internet-popular woman I follow. I’ve always brushed off the quippy quotes about comparing…because that hasn’t been one of my weaknesses. Except, I realized the other day that I was totally looking at certain woman online and thinking about ways my life might be better if I was in their season.  Last I checked that’s comparing, right? So I had a little eye-opener there. And the quotes are seriously true—>comparing my life to theirs has made me discontent in some ways. I’m done with that. I’m going to focus on living my season well.

The blessings of resources (google, social media, online community) are lost when their distracting me from focusing on gaining insights (that are unavailable online) and direction from the One who designed my body, soul and spirit, and knows me and the purpose on my life incomparably to any other. The peace and assurance that comes from bing known by such a powerful and good God, refreshes the most weary soul.

I got off the floor I cleaned up the flood upstairs and hung about a dozen wet towels…and I have to say, I did it with a happier heart. Because a satisfied mom, who knows God is in her corner and has a good plan and purpose, creates a happier home. FOCUS is going to serve me, my kids, my family, and my future, so well. It’s going to be good.

I know Mother’s Day Resolutions aren’t really a ‘thing’ – but if you’re like me you always have something you’re looking at that will help you grow! What are you thoughts around this Mother’s Day? What is one thing you’d love to change, for a healthier you?


IMG_3258*Here are the little people that make me a mother…
and this pictures is about a year old…
so, maybe a new group photo is my other mom’s day resolution.*


  1. This is so good and so true. And yes face down in before God’s throne is my best position as well.

    1. Great minds think alike 😜😘

  2. Love this, Bekah! And no one could be as wonderful a mother to your kids as you are! Thank God He gives us what we need and has wonderful plans for us!

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