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I can’t stop singing the phrase, ‘life is beautiful’ whenever I write about #ChurchLife. I have an idea; seeds I want to scatter as far and wide as the wind will take it. I want to study the beautiful – because there is so much beauty in the Church! Yes, I know there is ugly all over the place too. There are so many conversations the American Church needs to have about genuine Christianity, genuine faith, true love, compassion, redemption, courage, the Gospel, our witness. My life is committed to having those conversations – because the Church has not, and will never, see its day. But while we’re talking…I’m going to keep my eyes on the beautiful.

Every week, I want to share pictures that represent the incredible power of being in the family of God. Captured moments that reflect deep love, life-time camaraderie, forgiveness, joy, shared life. I want to be one who makes the Church shine with the beauty she is created for! Here is a little drop in the bucket towards that end.

Wedding Pictures 008Wedding Pictures 007Meet my parents! Here they are in all their 1980’s glory! I love these pictures because my parents are standing with two people who changed their lives. When my folks first met Jesus, they also found best friends in Bev & Skip. They all went to the same church and had some very fun times (so I’m told – and it seems clearly true looking at these shots ;)) None of them were married at the time, but double dates and then weddings followed pretty quick. After six kids, moves, job losses, church changes, and almost four decades – there friendship and affection for each other is still there.  As the daughter, I can’t say what a treasure it is to inherit these sort of friends / family! I was born with insta people who loved me.

And that is the beauty of #ChurchLife.

What’s something beautiful you’ve seen in the church?




  1. Hahaha! Hysterical to see those old pictures! And yes it is very beautiful to have the deep bonds of unity that are formed by the very heart of God! One of my greatest privileges is enjoying the longevity and legacy of the friendships forged in the Church- the family of God!

    1. 🙂 Thought you would like these gems! <3

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