Being Brave, Living Free

Together is Better

I have sat at my computer hours on end thinking about this day. Actually, I wish I was sitting while thinking; its more likely I’ve been running around with my kids, doing dishes and making dinner. Thank God for multi-tasking skills! I’m finally here, with you, and I’m excited! It feels like a great big sigh of relief, like I’ve found my seat next to friends at the theatre and I’m so ready for the curtains to open.

There’s something about willingly sharing our lives, that creates a safe culture, a place where we can all grow. Part of being human is the half-beautiful / half-scary reality, that everything happening in our lives isn’t just about us, but it’s about everyone else too. The choices I make while alone, hanging out at home, affect more people than I probably even care to know. (Because: Uhg! Responsibility!) Spiderman’s uncle had all the sage wisdom when he said, “With much power, comes much responsibility.” But for us non-super-hero type, it’s usually the opposite. When we’re wiling to take on a lot of responsibly, that’s when we realize we have influence and power in each of the areas we’ve been brave enough to take on.

I love Billy Graham’s statement, “Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened.” And that is what propels me to write. I want to be that brave woman who does what I think I’ve been made to do, even when I’m a little unsure. I want to be that woman, not just for myself (although it feels great), but so that others around me can say,“Hey, if Bekah doesn’t let fear, or doubt, or insecurity, or failure, or being busy, or having kids, or *insert your reasons here* hold her back, neither will I.”

Something about sharing a story makes it come alive! It is part of meditating on what is good, beautiful and worth mentioning. It may seem silly to the next person, but starting this venture took guts and hard decisions for me. It’s risky business putting ourselves out there in a way that could totally flop! But the potential for good, for having a voice, for changing peoples lives by letting them watch me stumble and press along – overcoming and failing…that potential makes risking it the right choice. And don’t we all have dreams or gifts that have the potential to change the world around us? (And if you just scanned your brain trying to figure out if the answer was really yes, than please stick around!)

I want to share the tools that I’ve been handed, that have broken me out of insecurity and fear.

Because living free and brave is awesome!

I want to be a reminder, that this life is a blink of the eye, and that we’re living for something far greater than the mundane of today.

I want to encourage us in the mundane of today – that in all things we can give thanks to a good God.

I want to extend the hope of a close and compassionate Father, to those hurting and in pain.

I want to inspire each of us to shed all the extra stuff that holds us back from living powerful and free lives.

God uses people to change me, teach me, laugh with me, walk with me, push me, sit with me, cry with me, look me in the eyes and tell me everything is going to be ok. I don’t want to let life speed by without being that kind of person to the people around me, maybe even you? Plenty of times I think about the fact that I’m not that special, or different or gifted or talented. And you know what? That might be true! But does that matter? Because humans, we’re created , we’re crafted in God’s image. There is something innately valuable purely in me, being me, in front of a watching world. There’s something precious and game-changing about you, being you, in front of a watching world.

I’m taking the gutsy plunge to share my stories, share my life with you. Together is better.

What gutsy or brave moves have you been thinking about taking?


  1. I love your blog! Your testimonial video made me cry and increased my awareness of God’s presence in my life. Also, funny story, I have a friend who went through almost the exact same thing with God giving her a ring!! That touched my heart and reinforced the joy that comes with remembering that the church is His bride! It’s amazing to have such a loving Father. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Tiffany!! That is fantastic . . . we do have SUCH a good Dad. I’m thankful for Him loving us all so well <3 I really appreciate the feedback!! xo

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